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Instructor Training

Start Your Driving Instructor Career with GP Training in Manchester

GP Driving School in Manchester offers a comprehensive training programme for professionals looking to enter the industry. Designed to be rigorous, attentive, thorough and complete, our fully-credited qualification gives individuals the ability to focus their learning in one place, emphasising core modules and practice. Through our easy-to-access, deliverable, fully-outlined guides and teaching methods, your education is advanced with structure, support and regime, offering a routine that sees you reaching assessment and pass levels efficiently. Learning to be a driving instructor with us offers the opportunity to commit to a career path that’s flexible, accommodating and adaptable, embedded in knowledge that will continually be a resource to pass on.

Getting Qualified

Getting qualified has never been easier, with our mapped-out courses, flexible payment plans and options to fit around your personal schedule. Our full ADI course includes help and support on stages 1, 2 and 3, 1-1 in-car training sessions, ADI Part 2 and 3 Rescue Training and ADI Standards Check Training. From aspiration to pass, we work with you to ensure you are monitored and mentored throughout, gaining the utmost insight, confidence and experience across your core training.

Our Teaching

Our teaching is provided by an Ordit-approved Grade A driving instructor, with personal experience working in the dynamics of the industry. We provide direct contact for on-the-road mentoring, believing the road to be a space of immediate learning where experiences teach us to utilise our knowledge and equip us with stability. Our qualified teaching instructors are dedicated to creating safe, approachable and enthusiastic participants, with coaching techniques and positive feedback used to get you ready for your theory, driving ability and instructional ability assessments. With us, trust is guaranteed, ensuring you can approach all aspects of training with confidence, feeling supported and motivated to succeed.

Why Train With GP Driving School?

With over 15 years of experience in training, we pride ourselves on offering an established programme proven to yield results. Our core modules provide a strong entryway into the discipline, offering an affirmative approach to success. Our delivery method is clear and concise, with topics broken down into various stages in order to ensure each category is covered thoroughly and integrally. To us, passing on the ability to teach individuals to drive is a process which involves diligence, attentiveness and commitment, and we strongly adhere to these values in the emphasis we place on our own outlook and approach during tutorials and beyond.

Contact Us To Start Training To Be A Leading Driving Instructor in Manchester

Talk to us directly to discuss starting your training to become an expert driving instructor through our leading practicing school in Manchester. Through our established centre, you’ll receive access to a range of resources, private tuition, online materials and experienced top tips to help you achieve results and establish your career. Sign up today and get on the road to success with our elite and condensed thorough training programme in Manchester.

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